Driveway Paving

Driveway Paving

New Hampshire’s Driveway Paving Contractors

Driveway paving in New Hampshire can be a difficult experience without the right resources or experience.
New England’s diverse climate tests the toughest of outdoor structures, and your asphalt driveway is no
exception. Heavy winter snow, rainy springs, and sweltering summer heat leave your driveway exposed to the
worst of seasonal conditions. Before long, your driveway’s lifespan could be cut dramatically short without
the right personnel.

Our member contractor, Bryant Paving, gives your New Hampshire home a driveway paving service built on
capability, dedication, and lasting results. A quality asphalt driveway adds curb appeal to your home and
provides an ideal space for kids to play. But for this to happen, your driveway paving contractor must
understand what it takes for proper design, materials, and construction.

Driveway Design: New driveway construction requires a smooth sub-grade that is free of clay, top soil, and
other organic materials. This evened surface is then covered by 6-8 inches of crushed granular base aggregate.
The compacted stone serves as your foundation and must be properly installed for a lasting and buckle-free base.
As for the surface, a recommended amount includes a minimum of two inches of hot mix asphalt. To expand durability,
add another inch-and-a-half to the surface course.

A quality driveway also needs trouble-free drainage. Is your driveway on a hill? If so, where does rainwater
typically runoff? Figuring out areas of erosion and directing runoff is paramount in not only preserving your
driveway, but surrounding areas as well.

Driveway Materials: Conventional hot mix asphalts are generally suitable for most residential driveways. However,
being aware of their outdoor resistance is importance. For example, the elements found in a Texas driveway
greatly differ from those found in a New Hampshire driveway. Bryant Paving works with only the best HMA producers
to meet all geological requirements.

Driveway Construction: What does it take for a smooth construction process? Maintained equipment and trained
contractors is the first step. Working with ground that has settled in, the granular base must be even and well-distributed.
Next, laying down an up-to temperature asphalt mix (no more than two inches in a single lift) can begin. Once the
hot mix asphalt has settled and retains its shape, rolling and compaction should start immediately after.

Bryant’s asphalt driveway paving contractors give New Hampshire homeowners a trusted resource for reliable
new-construction, resealing, and resurfacing. Call (603) 279-1499 for a free estimate today.

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